Mom was born youngest of 5 kids and the only girl. She never told me must about her your childhood. Or else I wasn't listening. Not listening is a big regret in my own life. All that history gone.

She married young at 18. Immediately getting pregnant, followed quickly by another. Her young husband enlisted in the army to fight in WWII. He was killed in the first 7 months of his enlistment leaving my mom with 2 small boys. She did what alot of military wives did and went to work in a defense plant. The boys were taken by Catholic Charities and schooled at Mount St Michaels. 7 years later she met and married my Dad. She brought her boys home and became a SAHM.

I came along and then another boy.

My parent were wonderful and adoring. Our family had the normal problems money, small health issues, etc. But they had one big problem my oldest brother. He was an angry bitter boy, growing into an angry bitter man. He resented my Dad, he was embittered against the gov't that killed his father. He hated Germans, Japanese, French, Military, , the Catholic Church and on and on. At 16 he committed suicide. Although I was only 4 I felt the sadness of the family.

4 years later the 2Nd boy was drafted and met his fathers fate. He was killed on the Tachen Islands I was 9 now and understood the anguish that enveloped my Mom. She fell into a deep depression and was hospitalized with a break down for 2 yrs. After she came home she was melancholy. As I entered my teen years she slowly began to improve. She enjoyed living life through my life. (Kept me on the straight and narrow)

Much life happened.

I married the love of my life and had 2 beautiful girls. When my love was killed in a helicopter crash(not military) leaving me with 2 kids. My life was turned upside down but for my Mom it was reliving her own life. She couldn't bear it. On December 27, 1975 she committed suicide.

For those reading this, you will think my life was a train wreck. That is not true. My Mom taught me love. She taught me compassion, she taught me acceptance she taught me to enjoy each step of my girls lives (and now grandkids). She taught me to live like there is no tomorrow. Thank you Mom REST IN PEACE.